Electric Passion

September 6th, 2016


This was painted during a time where I was really driven and motivated to further my own artistic talents and passonately persuing what I truly love.


I like to think that the songs, art, paintings, people, etc. that I'm attracted to mirror the state of being I am in life. Like, when I am motivated and driven I magnetize songs, artwork and people who exemplify that vibration. When I am going through a stage of transition in life I find myself listening to music about letting the past go and embracing change. These are just a few example of an interesting parallel I have noticed in my life.


This painting, inspired by Matt Clark Photography's amazing wave photography, struck me in my core. I saw his photo as passionate, forceful, driven, yet renounced and detached of outcome. 


Size:  16 x 23"

Medium: Oil Pastel

Production Time: 2 Days

Inspired By: Matt Clark Photography