Gazing Home

December 29th, 2016


"Gazing Home" is a loving and passionate piece of mine. Taking about 11 days to complete, it is my biggest and more immersive painting yet.


I call it gazing home for many reasons. The spirit or resonance it holds while viewing it, the sense of detachment from the world and reflection it inspires, and the contrast of nature and city is blatantly creates.


But one day while I was driving, I was wondering what should I could call this painting. A voice said to me "Gazing Home" and boom, done. I asked myself "what does that even mean?" and the more I thought about it the more it became clear:


This Bahá'í Temple is the last of all continental Temples in the world. It holds a infant like feel with it since it's so new. I imagine the temple to be looking towards the stars from where it came from, gazing home, and prayfully asking the cosmos for help to fulfill its purpose here in the world. Detached and receded from the city, yet ever needed by the people of the world as a place of reflection and grounding.





Size:  36x48"

Medium: Oil Pastel

Production Time: 11 Days

Inspired By: The Chilean Bahá'í Temple