December 8th, 2017

Size:  24x30"

Medium: Oil Pastel & Acrylic on Canvas

Production Time:  2 Days

Inspired By: Hummingbirds, the sense of longing and aloofness of time.



I like to imagine that hummingbirds aren't restrained to the laws of time and gravity, The way they glide through the air, perform acrobatic flurries so effortlessly and hover like nothing is pulling them down, qualities I imagine a soul to be like.

Hummingbirds drop down into my day to day life as a symbolic reminder of a Divine presence watching over me. A comfort and a spirited pick me up.

The moments of looking towards the stars in calm contemplative wonder has been a steady theme throughout many of my paintings, and "Longing" is of no exception.

This painting catalyzed the start of many new artworks and cards that include the buoyant and joyous hummingbird.