Customizable Invitation Cards



As a gift I want give to your LSA,

I want to offer all of my customizable invitation cards at a discount,

as a way for your communities Bicentenary to supported  with one of a kind soul stirring art.

I believe this work channels a tender spirit of love and a nurturing sense of connection to Bahá'u'lláh, and I simply want people to be exposed to that blessed connection that we all innately desire.


Below are folded and flat invitation cards whose

price has already been discounted from the general public's price.



To add your own text to the invitation:

- Click on the card you want below

- Select your quantity

- Add your custom text in the box that says: 

"What would you like your invitation to say?"

- Enter your custom text for your event

- Click the "ADD TO CART" button which appears once all mandatory fields are filled.

- Once your order is placed, you will receive a PROOF of what your text inside the card will look like.

- Confirm the proof via the emails instructions and production on your custom invitation cards will initiate.

This page is exclusive to your LSA only, please do not spread this page publicly

Any orders made outside of LSA will be automatically cancelled.

A percentage of your order will be donated to the Shrine of Abdu'l-Bahá Fund.



             Flat (without Envelope)        Flat (with envelope)           Folded (with envelope)

                20 CARDS                   $85                                  $100                          $95             

                50 CARDS                   $117                                $162                          $280           

                100 CARDS                 $230                                $305                          $300           

                250 CARDS                 $315                                $410                          $525           

                500 CARDS                 $500                                $540                          $850           

                1000 CARDS               $850                                $1250                        $1500         

Please do take note of these notices below:

Invitation cards are not applicable to 2-day shipping due to their customizing feature.

- Customized invitations will take up to 14 business days from purchasing date to arrive at your door.

- Orders for customized invitation cards will be cut off after October 15th.


The following examples are from previous communities I've worked with. The design process is collaborative and I won't send anything to print until you are happy with the formatting and design of your text in the card.

Do note that the background designs are different for each card.