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My View on the World

These past 12 months have definitely been rough. With many social ills conflicting society today happening in parallel with lots of social and personal advances, it's hard for me to see the world in a bright light when so much darkness is pervading.

I'm not a political person, never will be, and this post will not talk about anything in that subject matter. What I will be talking about is the fear and complete divisiveness in our world today . How I am learning to embrace and heal it and also not to be downtrodden by its energy.

Fear is powerful in so many ways. I've personally had to really learn how to overcome fear this year. All these shootings and public attacks saddens my heart to a grievous degree, and it seemed as though life was becoming more bleak by the day.

It got to a point around the early summer time of 2016 where everyday I woke up to a new tragedy. Bombings overseas, nightclub shootings, police brutality, and a social media feed full of pure garbage and divisiveness.

But in parallel contract, at the same time so many amazing things are happening in my personal life and in the world: I went to Santiago, Chile for the opening of the last Bahá'ï continental Temple, my artistic endeavors really started gaining traction, social awakening of the equality of all men and women was dominating, I got to see Adele live in concert, I got the camera of my dreams, my relationships with everyone was more calm and cohesive, and my spiritual life as a Bahá'í was strengthening even more!

It is so interesting to see how the two came together and seemingly offered themselves to me on a silver platter asking: "Which one would you like sir?" The best answer: both, my answer: "I don't know". Only to realized they didn't come on separate trays, but together, as a package.

So here is how I learned to understand fear and overcome it:


- My thoughts are almost always 100% unrealistic when I am in the throws of fear

- Drinking a cold glass of water and saying some prayers really helped

- A hot bath in the spirit of "immersing yourself in water to cleanse your body of irrational fear" and then draining the fear down away from my body

- Reminding myself of the people I love and the work I am doing to bring love into peoples lives

- There is no more fear when I read: "All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!"

Also this video helps put a LOT into perspective:

It became more and more clear to me that the darkness of the worlds ways is just the backdrop of life right now. We live in a very divided time filled with unjustified self pride and social economic upheaval.

But it's my job to focus on the good. While I agree, yes, we do have to be aware of the world's happenings, it should be awareness that empowers us to do more service in the world. But when things like mid summer '16 was filled with all those tragedies, the news became a burden and hindered me from stepping outside. So I cut off media for a couple weeks to heal my vision of the world and gain back confidence.

We need to see what is happening in the world that is good and learn to not trust our news outlet's every word. You cannot trust a money driven medium to give you absolute truth. You're not seen as a viewer, to them, you are a consumer. Truth is NOT subjective to money.

So to the next gregorian new year, I'm making a promise to myself to surround myself with people that make me feel connected to the purpose of why I am here and SERVE to bring love to others. We are so enraptured with our "selves" (which is a whole other post in itself) and we need to switch me to we.

Wholesome love


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