November 12th, 2015

Resonance is my first painting of an ocean wave. One of the first things I was being taught was how to paint beach fronts with waves but I had no interest in painting them back then.

I then came across the photography of Matt Clark and was blown away with his work. The way he caught motion, depth, personality and resonance with his work is astounding. I then painted 3 new wave paintings!

It was a true joy to paint Resonance cause of its multi-color smear like quality. I could play with lights and darks and vibrance and it was like painting an abstract painting.

This painting came to being after I was solidified in a new paradigm in life and starting to make strong ground movement towards my artistic purpose.

Resonance resonated with me because it symbolizes natural power that is innate to the ocean. It paralleled my own efforts to make moves and steps towards Ian Artistry being my full income. I was in the flow and this painting symbolized my emotional and physical state.


Size:  16 x 23"

Medium: Oil Pastel

Production Time: 2 Days

Inspired By: Matt Clark Photography